Table 2.

Rum Payments and Cargo “Sorting” by American Slave Vessels on the Upper Guinea Coast

Voyages ID #VesselSourceYearRum as Percent of Total PaymentsPercent Transactions “Sorted”Notes
 UnidentifiedNHS173377.8  50Also traded on Gold Coast—see Table 1
24944Rhode IslandNYHS174930.9  97.4Also traded on Gold Coast—see Table 1
36299SallyBrown University176465  76.6 
36336SallyRIHS176779.7100Also traded on Gold Coast—see Table 1
 UnidentifiedNYHS177459.6  92.9 
  • Note: The column “Rum as Pct. Total of Payments” tells how much of the total purchase price was paid in rum. The column “Pct. Transactions ‘Sorted’ gives the proportion of individual purchases that involved trade goods in addition to rum.

  • Sources: Brown University; Newport Historical Society; NYHS; Rhode Island Historical Society. Due to irregularities in the sources, all amounts should be regarded as approximations rather than precise measurements. A small number of transactions for which it was impossible to determine the proportion of rum given were omitted from these calculations.