Table 1.

Rum Payments and Cargo “Sorting” by American Slave Vessels on the Gold Coast

Voyages ID #VesselSourceYearRum as Percent of Total PaymentsPercent Transactions “Sorted”Notes
 UnidentifiedNHS1733  86.5  85.7 
 UnidentifiedNHS1734  78.8  72.7 
 UnidentifiedNHS1736  54.6  90.2Sorted rum with textiles rec’d from other vessels
24944Rhode IslandNYHS1749  46.4100.0Only purchased 5 captives on Gold Coast. Also traded in Upper Guinea—see Table 2 on page 18.
36207VenusNYHS1756  95.6  22.1 
36232MarigoldNYHS1759  99.0 Percent Sorted cannot be calculated from record.
36260Royal CharlotteNYHS1762  96.5  51.5Value of rum varied and was computed here using the mean value in the trade book of 1.32 gals. per acky
36336SallyRIHS1767  88.1  13.8Also traded in Upper Guinea—see Table 2 on page 18.
36370ActiveNYHS1769  43.3  57.1Incomplete—based on only 7 purchases
36371OthelloNYHS1769  90.3  10.3Many gold expenditures for provisions and other goods and services
36404OthelloNYHS1770  93.9  11.9Approximate: accounting for other commodities paid is imprecise
36474AdventureCrane1774  99.0  4.0 
  • Note: The column “Rum as Pct. Total of Payments” tells how much of the total captive purchase price was paid in rum. The column “Pct. Transactions ‘Sorted’ gives the proportion of individual purchases that involved trade goods in addition to rum.

  • Sources: Crane, A Rhode Island Slaver; NYHS, Newport Historical Society, Rhode Island Historical Society. Due to irregularities in the sources, all figures should be regarded as approximations rather than precise measurements. A small number of transactions for which it was impossible to determine the proportion of rum given were omitted from these calculations.